We revitalize your strategy and place innovation at the heart of your development.

We help you to build new business models to ensure the sustainability of your initiatives.

We assist you in a transverse approach that focuses on your customers.


We work with you to define a new innovation-based approach. We provide you with tools, content and continuous support so that innovation becomes more than just an intention.

We assist you in implementing your chosen solutions in the field.


We help you to stimulate the creativity and the commitment of your teams, a driver for your success.

We measure the impact of innovation on your organization and your image.

We support you through the next stages and help you to plan the future.

BOSTON — Picking a point out on the horizon, the late 2020s, Michael Rogers gave a glimpse of the changes coming to healthcare by that time. “The American process is a pretty messy one sometimes,” Michael Rogers said. “That is where the healthcare revolution is today, but we're going to [...]
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Home Physics General Physics October 18, 2018 October 18, 2018, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory To demonstrate that DEFT can be applied to a variety of small datasets, CSHL scientists used it to analyze data from the CMS Higgs Boson detector. Of 60 particle impressions, DEFT estimated that up to six [...]
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning already are having an impact in a sector that concerns all of us, healthcare. The conversation around artificial intelligence and machine learning isn't just idle talk. Research in cutting-edge areas like machine learning continues to demonstrate that computers have the potential to predict outcomes and [...]
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