We revitalize your strategy and place innovation at the heart of your development.

We help you to build new business models to ensure the sustainability of your initiatives.

We assist you in a transverse approach that focuses on your customers.


We work with you to define a new innovation-based approach. We provide you with tools, content and continuous support so that innovation becomes more than just an intention.

We assist you in implementing your chosen solutions in the field.


We help you to stimulate the creativity and the commitment of your teams, a driver for your success.

We measure the impact of innovation on your organization and your image.

We support you through the next stages and help you to plan the future.

Physicians spend less time than ever with patients - just 27 percent of the workday, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2016. The main culprit: electronic health records. Doctors find themselves increasingly glued to computers, acting as glorified data entry administrators. Even when they're [...]
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Swiss pharma group Roche has beefed up its big data capabilities with a deal to buy Flatiron Health, which focuses on cancer data and real-world evidence platforms. Software developed by Flatiron - which is backed by Google parent Alphabet and was founded by ex-Google execs Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg [...]
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It looks more and more like no one can stop the forward march of cloud in healthcare and the benefits that artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring to big data analytics and image analysis. Not Epic Systems Corp. and Cerner Corp., the duopolistic goliath legacy vendors of electronic health [...]
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