What we do

HealthInnov accompanies all types of healthcare organizations:


  • Public and private healthcare establishments
  • Residential homes for seniors, retirement homes, nursing homes
  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Startups
  • Insurance companies, banks, private healthcare companies in their healthcare innovation strategy solutions.


HealthInnov currently operates in France and will soon be expanding its activities in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Recent projects

  • Monitoring the Web – Business Intelligence, Creative Services, Strategy
    HealthInnov has deployed business intelligence services to support customer’s positioning and help the teams reach their audience on line with helpful context. Visits on websites have been multiplied by 2 


  • Performing on Social Media – New Media, Strategy
    HealthInnov helped board of executives enabling deeper engagement with their customers, employees and peers. HealthInnow empowered leaders in their transition into professional social media


  • Be Closer to Customers – Business Intelligence, Strategy
    HealthInnov performed e-reputation survey providing great understanding of patients’ behaviors and attitudes in the context of new drug premarketing activities over Europe


  • Understanding Healthcare Market Mutations – Business Intelligence, Strategy
    Healthnnov designed and performed a study allowing healthcare market actors to clearly understand how to benefit from big data, what are the opportunities and risks, how to use it, who to partner with to ensure sustainable growth


  • Convincing the Market – Strategy, Media
    HealthInnov entirely redesigned the pitch of a new comer in the healthcare arena as the benefits of the offer of the company are clearly perceived by investors and clients


  • Managing Differences in Healthcare – Business Intelligence, Media
    HealthInnov provided an original picture of diabetes and Ramadan experiences and the way it is lived by analysing conversations on the web along with medical litterature. Study outcomes are invaluable elements for the scientific community to consider when managing individuals or groups of patients with diabetes